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03.05.23 |

HRS strengthens regional development competence

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A successful precision landing

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Innovation for property through sustainability and regionality

We are HRS – a Swiss owner-managed real estate service provider that has been shaping the landscape of buildings of Switzerland with our creative energy for over 60 years.


The use of state-of-the-art technologies such as BIM allows us to not only increase productivity and efficiency but also improve our innovative capability.

Regional presence

We have 15 locations and maintain solid networks – and we always provide our services with a personal touch and our “handshake mentality”.


For us, sustainability has a social, environmental and economic component, and sustainability considerations guide the way we interact with people and conduct our construction activities.

IMG 0539

10.05.23 | Lausanne

Grand-Pré 8-10 | Foundation stone

The ceremony to lay the foundation stone took place yesterday in a convivial atmosphere, in the presence of representatives of...

9655 RIVA A1 F2

09.05.23 | Arbon

Building permit granted for alternative project - Riva remains Plan A

1374 Tour Tilia Lausanne Back view

03.05.23 | Lausanne

Tilia Project | Contract signature

Hrs neuen gl mitglieder a

03.05.23 | Frauenfeld

HRS strengthens regional development competence