Comprehensive know-how in all aspects of complex construction projects

Land is a scarce resource. Therefore, it is even more important to develop and use it intelligently and sustainably, in terms of high-volume densification. We hold great importance in combining social, ecological, and economic goals to provide our clients with comprehensive advice. Our advice is derived from analyzing the potential of a property to pointing out long-term potential uses. To do so, we break new ground, think and act holistically, use digital opportunities to increase the efficiency, and quality of our projects.

Thanks to our extensive experience in dealing with various stakeholders, we can provide constructive and profitable solutions for even the most difficult constellations. We are happy to help you make optimum use of budgets for the best possible return, as well as organize financing in complex projects in such a way that can be visualized.

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Compaction for More Free Space

Creating a living space means condensing in one place to preserve free space elsewhere. HRS attaches great importance to combining social, ecological, economic, and urban development goals to provide our clients with comprehensive advice in this regard.

Consulting focus:

  • Acquisition of land
  • Developing innovative utilization concepts
  • Optimizing the utilization of land
  • Conducting feasibility studies, site evaluation
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Digitization in Construction

Digitization has become indispensable in construction. At HRS, we think and act holistically and use digital technologies to plan more efficiently and build more compactly using fewer resources.

Consulting focus:

  • Planning, constructing and managing buildings in accordance with BIM methods
  • Designing innovative mobility concepts
  • Using robotics in construction
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Structuring for Greater Productivity

HRS helps increase efficiency and profitability in projects through cost optimization or to structure complex projects in such a way that their realization is achievable.

Consulting focus:

  • Preparing detailed, sophisticated business plans
  • Financing real estate projects
  • Developing investment products
  • Attracting investors and users
  • Surveys and estimates
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Highest Quality and Efficiency

HRS teams are process driven at every phase of a project. We optimize costs for healthy returns, save valuable time and guarantee a level of customer satisfaction second to none.

Consulting focus:

  • Applying BIM methods throughout the complete real-estate project lifecycle - Evaluating implementation partners
  • Developing efficient construction site management
  • Developing energy and environmental concepts
  • Organising architecture competitions
  • Optimizing real estate with regard to the investment objective (design to cost)
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Efficiency in Planning and Approval Procedures

Thanks to our extensive experience in dealing with various stakeholders, HRS can accompany its clients constructively with solution-oriented planning and approval procedures in sometimes challenging situations.

Consulting focus:

  • Supporting and advice on contracts
  • Rezoning
  • Implementing planning and approval procedures
  • Conducting solution-oriented talks with various interest groups
  • Public private partnerships (PPP)

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