Inauguration of the new Cery psychiatric hospital in Prilly

14.09.2023 | Prilly

Inauguration Cery
Team HRS

Today's inauguration marks the culmination of seven years of collaboration with teams from the CHUV (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire vaudois) on the Cery site. Built in two phases on a site with very sensitive constraints, the new building meets all contemporary requirements for the various psychiatric units.
A real technical and human challenge, we would like to thank the CHUV for its confidence, and the entire project team for its endurance and commitment.

Professor Kerstin von Plessen, Head of the Department of Psychiatry CHUV.
Alain Giilèron, mayor of the municipality of Prilly.
Rebecca Ruiz, State Councillor of the Canton of Vaud, Head of the Department of Health and Social Affairs.
Professor Nicolas Demartins, Director General CHUV.
Frédéric Prod'hom, Deputy for Construction CHUV.