Inauguration ceremony for the work on the Serfontana shopping center

18.03.2024 | Morbio Inferiore


On Thursday, March 14, 2024, the inauguration ceremony for the renovation work at the Serfontana shopping center in Morbio Inferiore took place in the presence of representatives of the client, the management and the authorities.

As total contractor, HRS will have the honor of contributing to the new appearance of the first shopping center built in the canton of Ticino fifty years ago, for which we would like to thank the client, the Serfontana shopping center co-owners' association, for their trust.

The construction will be carried out in three stages between 2024 and 2026 while the shopping center continues to operate, which poses a major challenge in terms of logistics and safety. The ecological footprint will be reduced through the use of innovative technologies such as solar energy and heat recovery, with the aim of becoming the first CO2-free shopping center in Switzerland.

From left:
Martin Mayrl, Architect - TK Architects
David Dalsass, Branch Manager - HRS
Michel Müller, client representative - Michel Müller Real Estate
Claudia Canova, Mayor - Morbio Inferiore
Frank Bell, Project Manager - Privera AG