Web Bautafel Chur Eisball

19.11.2020 | Chur

"Iceball": Now the construction work begins

The start of construction of the new sports facilities in Chur not only marks the beginning of the realisation of...

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We B Visu HSG

17.11.2020 | St. Gallen

New construction site video from the HSG Learning Center

A new centre for innovative learning in the digital age is being established at the University of St. Gallen. The...

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News Binningen Hauptrstrasse 34 1

09.11.2020 | Binningen

Handover "Total renovation and expansion PBL"

At the beginning of November, we successfully handed over the project "total renovation and expansion PBL" (Psychiatry Basel-Country) in Binningen...

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Nova Brunnen Baufeld B1 Flussraum

09.11.2020 | Brunnen

Planning application submitted for 101 flats Nova Brunnen

In the 1st construction phase, the groundbreaking core of Nova Brunnen is being built: A high-contrast ensemble with four excitingly...

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The Circle News

05.11.2020 | Zurich

The Circle opens its doors

After a construction period of more than five years, The Circle is now open to the public. Today, Thursday 5...

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Lausanne 1ère pierre

29.10.2020 | Lausanne

Children's Hospital | Foundation stone laying ceremony

The traditional laying of the foundation stone for the new Children's Hospital in Lausanne took place on 29.10.2020 in a...

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News bimprove jpg

28.10.2020 | Frauenfeld

BIMProve H2020 Project

HRS is proud to participate actively in this international and ambitious BIM project.

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News Weinfelden Sangenfeld

20.10.2020 | Weinfelden

Planning application submitted for the area "Sangenfeld West" in Weinfelden

On the "Sangenfeld West" site in Weinfelden, 33 freehold and 50 rental apartments are being built to Minergie standards. HRS...

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News Steffisburg Raum 5

19.10.2020 | Steffisburg

HRS and BKW enter into major project in Steffisburg

A milestone was set in the construction of the "RAUM 5" industrial park in Steffisburg: The municipality of Steffisburg has...

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Web Migros Aussen links 20190416 NN

14.10.2020 | Steffisburg

Gschwend-Areal Steffisburg: start of construction for a new centre

Together with the Migros Aare Cooperative and the Migros Pension Fund, HRS is building a new complex with around 150...

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USZ Flughafen News

02.10.2020 | Zurich

USZ opens outpatient health center at the Circle

On 5 October, the University Hospital Zurich will open its new ambulatory health centre at the Circle, offering university medical...

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Website Areal Wiesental St Gallen Aussenbild 1

01.10.2020 | St. Gallen

Building application for new hotel building and Villa Wiesental filed

In St. Gallen, the planning for the renovation of the Villa Wiesental and the construction of a new hotel in...

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Batiment A remise cle HEAD Geneve 02

30.09.2020 | Geneva

HEAD | Handover of keys

Despite the halt to construction work at the beginning of the year and the many technical challenges that HRS Real...

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Zürich Areal Hardturm

27.09.2020 | Zurich, Bulle, Muri-Gümligen

Twice Yes to HRS projects

Votes on HRS projects were held in three Swiss cities on Sunday, and the people voted in favour twice:In Zurich,...

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9e édition Prix Bilan de limmobilier

18.09.2020 | Lausanne

9th edition Prix Bilan de l'immobilier

On 15 September, the Prix Bilan de l'immobilier awards ceremony was held at the Vaudoise Arena in Lausanne, at the...

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