2000-Watt Area certification for Mattenhof

15.03.2022 | Kriens

Mattenhof Kriens R Dürr 6

In the course of a development process lasting a good ten years, Mattenhof was created in Kriens. Between the Kriens Mattenhof railway station and a roundabout, a lively "city within the city" has developed on a total area of 100,000 m2. The surrounding plots are in the planning stage and will complement the Mattenhof area with, among other things, the Pilatus Arena, the new sports and event hall.

Now Mattenhof has received the certificate as a "2000-Watt Area - In Operation". "2000-Watt Areas" distinguishes settlement areas that can demonstrate sustainable use of resources for the construction of buildings, their operation and renewal, as well as the mobility caused by their operation. In the case of the Mattenhof, the energy supply from groundwater and geothermal energy, electricity production by means of photovoltaics and the S-Bahn connection, Mobility and nextbike solutions stand out in this context.

HRS was commissioned by Mobimo to realise the Mattenhof as a general contractor, taking into account the Energy Efficiency Path 2040 label, which has now led to the corresponding certification as a 2000-watt site. After the handover to the building owner in May 2019, operational optimisation monitoring was carried out for 2.5 years in order to optimise building technology and energy supplies and to meet the 2000-watt criteria even better.