HRS is an industrial partner of BIMprove

10.12.2021 | Frauenfeld

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Since September 2020 and for a total of three years, HRS has been involved as one of three industry partners in BIMprove, a research project funded by the EU with a total of six million euros.

BIMprove aims to increase efficiency in construction projects, especially during the construction phase itself. Starting with projects based on the BIM method, various technologies such as artificial intelligence, sensors, autonomous drones and simulations are to be used.

As part of a collaboration agreement with a total of eleven partners, HRS has committed to sharing knowledge regarding construction and digital processes, including BIM, deploying qualified personnel and providing a construction site for pilot tests and final realization. Côté Gare in Bussigny has been selected for this purpose, with the corresponding works starting in February 2022.

We are very pleased to contribute to the digital transformation of the European construction industry and thus to climate protection.