No gender effect with regard to wages at HRS

14.09.2021 | Frauenfeld

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The Human Resources department of HRS has carried out a wage equality analysis for the attention of the Board of Directors and had it externally verified. The so-called "unexplained gender pay gap" is calculated at 2.0 percent and is thus not statistically significant. Adjusted for person- and job-related characteristics - for example, education and function - there is no gender effect in HRS with respect to wages. In the Swiss economy as a whole, the unexplained wage gap is calculated at 8.1%.

"I'm not surprised, but very pleased, that this independent review certifies HRS pays equal wages for equal work, regardless of whether a man or a woman performs it," said Rebecca Kull, COO of HRS. "Attracting committed and competent women is also important to me personally. It strengthens teamwork and increases the performance of our company. Of course, it goes without saying for me that we don't make any differences in pay. But it is good that it is now certified in black and white by an independent body."

The revised Gender Equality Act requires employers with more than 100 employees to conduct an internal pay equity analysis. The board of directors of HRS has entrusted the company interrevision with the review of this analysis. February 2021 was used as the reference month. 417 employees were taken into account, of which 133 were women (31.9%) and 284 men (68.1%).