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Using what is available to create something new

The ten-storey residential and commercial building, formerly known as Patria Hochhaus is located at Bachstrasse 17 in the centre of Kreuzlingen (TG). The owner, Helvetia Versicherungen (insurer), commissioned HRS Renovation with completely renovating and renewing the high-rise building erected in 1971. After 45 years, work was necessary on the piping, interior fittings and surfaces and adaptations had to be made to comply with current regulations such as energy efficiency, earthquake resistance, safety, etc. Since the renovation, the building has been known as Bachspitz. The 29.8 metre high building was reduced to its shell. In this way, contemporary floor plans could be realised and the fixtures adapted to current technical requirements. The architects deliberately used the existing, intact substance and optimally supplemented it with new elements. The façade, which consists of ventilated concrete and metal elements with glass wool insulation, became an eye-catcher.

Façade elements as special test stones

During the refurbishment, a number of trial projects awaited HRS. The installation of the façade sheet proved to be tricky. All elements had to be manufactured individually for each floor. Although the concrete elements and façade panels had the same pitch, the inner floors were of different heights. This required a very high degree of accuracy for the window installations, as nothing could be measured from the inside. The renovation also made special demands on the scaffolding. Because the concrete façade elements were moved between the building and the scaffold, the anchoring of the scaffold had to be moved several times. In addition, extensive asbestos had to be removed from the entire building. In spite of delays during the project, the renovation was completed on time.


Helvetia Swiss Life Insurance, St Gallen

Services rendered by HRS
Sole contractor with full cost, quality and deadline guarantee

Huggenbergerfries Architekten AG, Zurich

Total cost
CHF 15 million

Construction period
September 2015 – November 2016


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