BCFWS – Edmond Vaucher



Expansion with high-quality working place

The administrative building of the Central Compensation Office (ZAS) - the executive central body of the federal social security funds - was constructed in the 1970s and is located adjacent to the Parc des Franchises on Avenue Edmond-Vaucher. After more than 30 years of use, the building had to be renovated. At the same time, there were plans to unite several locations at this site. The federal government held a competition for this purpose. The aim was to build an extension that would increase the quality of the workplace, optimise operational procedures and create a convincing urban and architectural solution.

Contemporary and adaptable

The extension is laterally offset to the existing building - with the same height and depth and a similar building shell. The new building wing doubles the size of the complex and unites around 1,000 workstations under one roof. The two ground floors are connected by a continuous plinth façade and house the reception and restaurant. Below this is the two-storey seminar room. The office space can be flexibly arranged and used in different sizes both inside and above another on the different storeys.


Fonds de Compensation AVS, Genève

Services rendered by HRS
General contractor with the full cost, quality and deadline guarantee

Berrell Berrel Kräutler AG, Zurich

Plot size
35,540 sqm

Duration of construction
September 2014 – December 2017


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