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A place of knowledge with a historical background

Brugg-Windisch campus is located directly next to Brugg railway station. The area is known by its historical name Vindonissa. The Romans built a legionary camp there in the first century of our era. For several years, archaeologists successfully searched the area for traces of the past.

Since 2000, the municipalities of Brugg and Windisch have been working on the well-developed, centrally located area. The Vision Mitte project, launched by the authorities, declared the campus to be the heart of the area' s future development. As a result, a master plan was approved and a development plan drawn up.

In 2007 HRS, as the project developer, property developer and overall contractor, announced a project competition for the construction of new premises, which will primarily be used by the University of Applied Sciences of Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW). The Salamander project of Büro B, Architekten und Planer AG, Berne, was selected as the winner. Subsequently, Metron Raumentwicklung AG drew up the FH Markthalle design plan on behalf of HRS. This plan correlates the new building with its surroundings and its foreseeable changes.

Concentration of technical colleges

All of Aargau's technical college locations are today pooled in Brugg-Windisch. Around 3,000 students and 1,000 lecturers from the fields of education, technology and economics can be found in the new building. In addition to seminar rooms, a cafeteria and other facilities, the complex houses a campus hall for 600 people, 48 apartments, sales and service areas and 295 underground parking spaces.

A little more than two years to complete

HRS completed this large and complex project on schedule within a construction period of only 28 months. For the successful implementation of this ambitious goal, it was crucial that the planning as well as the submissions for the most important types of work in the building were largely completed at the start of construction on 21 March 2011. In this way, it was possible to react in good time to unforeseen events and to adjust the planning accordingly.

This applied, for example, to the archaeological findings on the site.

A digital logistics platform ensured that material deliveries ran smoothly

The main focus during implementation was on site logistics. The delivery to the various crane locations and to the façade and goods lifts in later phases of construction required good coordination. For this purpose, an internet logistics platform was set up where entrepreneurs could register and reserve their material deliveries. The different standards of the various components also required precise coordination of the operational sequences. A fire on the passerelle in April 2013 put the team to a hard test.



Canton of Aargau

Services rendered by HRS
Project developer, property developer and sole contractor with full cost, quality and deadline guarantee.

Büro B Architekten und Planer AG, Berne

Plot size
77,200 sqm

Overall cost
CHF 245 million

Construction period
March 2011 – September 2013


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8050 Zurich

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