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Ready for all needs

In 1999 the greater majority of the people of Zug voted yes to a new, future-looking, competitive Cantonal Hospital of Zug to be built in Baar. HRS and Peikert Contract AG, Zug formed a general contractor coalition and their joint Vitale project won the overall performance competition of the Zug Building Commission. Along with the Care Centre in Baar built in 2006 and the communal multi-storey car park, the Canton of Zug Hospital forms a further component in this exciting setup.

One characteristic feature of the building is its open construction method, which offers a high level of flexibility for the internal organisation of the hospital. An important prerequisite to allow for this, was to divide the building into primary, secondary and tertiary systems. This means that fixed components such as supporting structures, main connections and the building shell are separated from variable or movable elements such as building services, room partitioning and furnishings. Thanks to this system, the building can be adapted to changing needs with just a few simple constructional measures.

An underground lake provides the right temperature

In the area below the hospital there is a groundwater lake, the Baarer Becken, which stretches over a large area and has a constant annual temperature of around 15°C. This very groundwater is used to heat and cool the nearby care centre by means of a heat pump connected to it. This is particularly beneficial from an energy point of view, given that the heat pump can be used simultaneously in various operational conditions.


Canton of Zug represented by the Building Directorate and Building Department

Services rendered by HRS
Sole contractor with full cost, quality and deadline guarantee

Burckhardt + Partner AG, Zurich

Plot size
32,185 sqm

Total cost
CHF 175 million

Construction period
June 2005 – August 2008


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