Housing development, Kastanienweg


Kastanienweg Roggwil R Dürr 9
Kastanienweg Roggwil R Dürr 1
Kastanienweg Roggwil R Dürr 10
Kastanienweg Roggwil R Dürr 16
Kastanienweg Roggwil R Dürr 19

The construction of the "Kastanienweg" residential development comprised the renovation of two apartment blocks, the construction of an additional apartment block, a new replacement building, and the renovation and extension of a parking garage.


Credit Suisse CSA Real Estate Switzerland, Zurigo

Services rendered by HRS
Sole contractor with full cost, quality and deadline guarantee.

Batimo AG Architekten SIA, Zofingen

Volume 20,871 cbm
Land area 7,750 sqm
Floor area of new construction 3,739 sqm
Floor area of existing building 2,456 sqm

Total cost
approx. CHF 15 Mio.

Construction time
September 2018 – November 2019


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