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A new warehouse is a worthwhile investment

Lidl's new distribution centre in Sévaz is one of the most modern in Europe. It is mainly used for the storage of food. In addition, the administration rooms are located on around 2700 sqm. They are partly on the ground floor and partly on the mezzanine floor of the warehouse. Outside there are 14 places for lorries and 100 unloading docks.

Through and through an ecological project

Special attention was paid to sustainable development during planning and construction. The building is Minergie-certified and is supplied with electricity by a gigantic photovoltaic system. In addition, the lighting and air-conditioning technology makes this system one of the most environmentally friendly of its kind. The warehouse is fully equipped with LED lights. Triple-glazed openings on the sides of the building and skylights on the roof ensure that daylight can penetrate. The heat derived from the cooling systems generates 80% of the building's overall heating. The flat roof offers natural insulation and an ideal indoor climate. Fruit trees have been planted around the new building to preserve natural biodiversity.



Lidl Schweiz DL AG, Weinfelden W+P Weber and Partner AG, Wil

Services rendered by HRS
General contractor with full cost, quality and deadline guarantee

Burckhardt+Partner AG, Zurich

Plot size
70,500 sqm

Overall cost
CHF 55 million

Construction period
June 2014 – February 2015


HRS Real Estate SA
Rue du Centre 172
1025 Saint-Sulpice

+41 58 122 90 00

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