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Contemporary hospital for Linth region

Linth Hospital is the medical contact point for more than 60,000 people and a major employer in the region. As the hospital had hit capacity, voters paved the way for the expansion and renovation of the existing buildings with their "Yes" vote at the ballot box in 2014. The complete refurbishment of the hospital buildings includes renovation of the treatment, examination and operating areas as well as the entrance area and restaurant. In addition, the obsolete building services installations need to be upgraded.

Long-standing experience and competence

HRS has extensive experience and competence in the field of hospital and healthcare buildings, both in new construction and in renovation during ongoing operation. In order to ensure the permanent operation of the hospital during the construction work, a rehabilitation concept was defined in four stages. The end of the construction work is planned for spring 2021.


Spitalanlagengesellschaft Spital Linth, Uznach

Services rendered by HRS
Sole contractor with full cost, quality and deadline guarantee.

Bollhalder + Eberle Architect, St Gallen

Plot size
36,000 sqm

Overall cost
CHF 90 million

Duration of construction
December 2017 - September 2021


HRS Real Estate AG
Walzmühlestrasse 48
8501 Frauenfeld

+41 58 122 85 00


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