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Renovation in the heart of Basel's old town

The headquarters of Nationale Suisse are located along Steinengraben in Basel. Several office buildings from different eras and with different basic structures are part of the complex renovation project. The nine-storey office building was dismantled in a very short period of time. The supporting structure was changed during construction, and an architecturally superior façade shell was added. The extension included 260 office workplaces, various meeting rooms, a boardroom, a staff restaurant, including a kitchen and a multifunctional room. The aim of National Suisse was to increase efficiency, maximum user flexibility and workplace density. The result was a highly modern and unmistakable building between the railway station and the Rhine, which blends into the multifaceted city façade.

Made-to-measure interior fittings

Great attention was paid to the use of high-quality materials in the interior and the historic character of the stone building was preserved. For example, the doors are made of American walnut, the same wood as the table in the boardroom. The meeting rooms are equipped with glazed partition wall elements with and without opaque plastic film. In the kitchenettes, solid surface material was used for the tops and bistro tables.


Schweizerische National Versicherungs-Gesellschaft AG, Basel, represented by: Nationale Suisse, Basel

Services rendered by HRS
Sole contractor with full cost, quality and deadline guarantee.

Burckhardt + Partner AG, Basel

Overall cost
CHF 30 million

Construction period
December 2012 – August 2014


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