Police and Judiciary Centre


Polizei Und Justizzentrum

Palace of Justice in Zurich

The Police and Justice Centre (PJZ) is being built on the Freight Railway Station site in Zurich Aussersihl-Hard as a new centre of excellence for combating crime.
Around 1,800 employees from currently more than 30 locations will be relocated to the PJZ. It will also feature the police school and prison. In future, up to 300 prisoners may be detained here on remand. For this purpose, the prison cells will be made of a purpose-built concrete that has no cracks and therefore no space for needles or razor blades.
As for the offices, there should be as few single-occupancy rooms as possible. The aim is maximum user flexibility and greatest workplace density. The move is scheduled for 2020/2021.



Canton Zurich, Baudirektion Hochbauamt, Zurich

Services rendered by HRS
General contractor with full cost, quality and deadline guarantee

Theo Hotz Partner AG, Zurich

Plot size
65.952 sqm

Overall cost
Approx. CHF 430 million

Construction period
2017 – 2021


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8050 Zürich

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