Refurbishment and replacement BIRM/HALD


07 06 2022 13 52 18

The seven apartment buildings were built in 1927 and will be adapted to today's requirements due to their construction type, floor plan concept and furnishings. The aim is to offer a variety of housing options, mostly small flats, which corresponds to the specific suitability of the area.


Swiss Re Investments AG, Zurich

Services rendered by HRS
General contractor with full cost, quality and schedule guarantee

ADP Architektur Design Planung AG, Zurich

Building volume 23’870 m3
Plot area 7’710 m2
Usable floor space 5’470 m2

Total cost
CHF 18.6 million

Construction period
January 2022 - December 2023


HRS Real Estate AG
Siewerdtstrasse 8
8050 Zurich

+41 58 122 80 00

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