Technical and environmental success: the "evacuation of earth by train" for the Pictet de Rochemont Campus construction site.

10.02.2023 | Geneva

Bild Campus Pictet de Rochemont 20230210 mfe

The earthworks currently being carried out on the Pictet de Rochemont Campus site in Carouge Geneva are proceeding as if they were "on rails".
HRS and its partners have been able to support the project owner in this bold choice and successfully meet this technical and environmental challenge.
More than 80,000 m3 are evacuated by SBB Cargo trains, an ecological and innovative method.
This demanding method has many advantages, including the significant reduction in the flow of lorries in road traffic.
A positive environmental impact, a controlled carbon footprint for an ambitious and exemplary project in the canton of Geneva.
We would like to thank the Pictet Group for its confidence